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The "Fake" Ads were a series of in-game ads (see the gallery) that advertised various new features that didn't yet exist back when these ads started appearing, although most mentioned features would be implemented later. These ads were set up by icoeye to experiment with another way of seeing what new features players would want the most[1], however due to the lack of a prior announcement about this, the community simply assumed that the ads were fake and were set up by a malicious 3rd-party since the ads' appearances were too sudden and lacked any context at all, hence the name "Fake" Ads. A later developer announcement would be made to clarify the situation.

These ads only appeared during the day of October 20, 2021.

The ads[edit | edit source]

There were 3 different advertisements in total that replaced every other advertisement[2], which were teasing:

  • a new system named 'Progressbar Nepbar',
  • a new card-based game which later became Progressolitaire, (however it wasn't given a name at first)
  • and a game mode based on interactive stories featuring Dog and Clippy, although it generally received negative reception.[3][4][5]

The Nepbar, Solitaire, and Interactive Stories ad all linked to different places on the game's official subreddit.[6]

Although 2 of the teased features (Nepbar and Progressolitaire) have already been added to the game, there has been no sign of Interactive Stories' development. Considering the amount of backlash it received, it is safe to assume that it has been thrown into the dust of Unused Elements.

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