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WARNING: Do not add your hinted feature if it is not answered by Icoeye yet.

This article is about some hinted features that Icoeye has given out in the comments of posts on social media that may or may not be added soon.

  • VR Support
    • "Maybe in the distant future there may be a VR version of the game :)"[1]
  • Switch Port
    • u/InfernoHot: "Will progressbar95 be released for the Nintendo Switch?"
    • u/icoeye: "I hope so. Right now we can't easily port our engine to Switch, but may be that will be fixed in the next year."[2]
  • Pattern Editor achievement
    • u/LeapofAzzam: "I made a Progressbar95 logo wallpaper pattern for BarOS"
    • u/icoeye: "Oh, nice! I have no time to create it for the December update, but that can be great idea for a hidden achievement: to create game's logo in the Patter Editor. I have to think about that and may be I'll add it in the January update."[3]
  • Calculator app
    • "There will be its own calculator in the Progressbar95 as well."[4]
  • Going to the store
    • u/Dadelc_Adr: "Maybe create a real environment where there is a person that can walk and get into his car and then go to the progressbar shop CD's for installing different Oses on Progressbar computers"
    • u/icoeye: "It would be great! May be in the future the game will have such mechanics."[5]
  • Bin will wake up from music[6]
    • @enkysfunnies: "can you make a feature, when bin is sleeping and you turn on music, bin will be angry and it will wake up"
    • @Progressbar95: "Great idea!"
  • Themes will change sound and icons
    • u/icoeye: "It can be included in your previous suggestion. I hope that audio packs will work in a combination with themes in some form. This system is in early pre-production state."
    • u/Rober283829: "And as well for the icons to be altered. For example: in PB 1X with Classic 7 theme, it will show PB 81/7 icons rather than the existing ones."
    • u/icoeye: "It would be great as well. But right know it is a little bit tricky because it would need to change a system that manages icons, so it'll some time to implement, may be the support for 'icon packs' will be added in March-April."[7]
  • Linux OS line
    • "There will be the -NUX line of systems in the future."[8]
  • Progressbar boot menu evolution similar to the current BarOS boot menu graphical evolution
    • "Sure. There will be a visual evolution of the Progressbar boot menus in the future."[9]
  • Custom skins for the BarOS bootscreen
    • u/setapdede: "Suggestion: what if we could add our own skins for it?"
    • u/icoeye: "May be it will be added later"[10]
  • Web browser in the game (Added)
    • u/Snoo78044: "hello icoeye, are you planning to add a web browser?"
    • u/icoeye: "Yes. In one of the next updates, but not in the August [Update]. Most probably it can be added in the September or October [Update]."[11]
  • Ability to get custom songs on Media Player
    • u/InfernoHot: "There should be songs on Media Player. For example, if you reach Pro, you get some midi files, just like those midi files bundled with Windows. For example, you could switch to twostart.mid. twostart.mid would still combine multiple tracks into one midi file, but the tracks would be different. It would also be nice to use music located on your phone."
    • u/icoeye: "That ability will be added in one of the next updates: in June or July."[12]
  • Server versions of systems with multiplayer (Servers added, not multiplayer)
    • u/InfernoHot: "Is it in your plans to make server-based OSes?"
    • u/icoeye: "May be. May be they will store multiplayer game modes ones once such features are ready"[13]
  • Text gamemode for PB-DOS Shell
    • u/Sub2Pewdiepie888: "What about a in-game text game that u can access from the DOS, like the first RPG games ever created ."
    • u/icoeye: "That was one of the ideas the Progressbar DOS was designed for, so there will be text-based adventure events in the game, I hope that an update with such elements will be introduced in the close future."[14]
  • Systems based on calculators
    • u/JMVO: "I think it would be cool to have systems based on TI-nspire calculators"
    • u/icoeye: "There will be calculator based systems in the future. I have plans to design them."[15]
  • Extra calendar days
    • u/InfernoHot: "You should add a gamemode day where you get more points on a certain gamemode."
    • u/icoeye: "Yes there will be such feature as well. Each day will have some options."[16]
  • Hardware Selector (Added)
    • "Such feature is already in production for a couple of months, so there will be a hardware to select from in the game in the next year."[17]
  • Ability to use a 4:3 LCD screen
    • "That is technically possible, so may be that will be added in the future update."[18]
  • Paint program like MS Paint
    • "It is at our roadmap for the game. So it will appear in one of the next updates"[19]
  • Different monitors to choose from
    • u/Significant-Dark5115: "Will this also include monitors? It would be nice to use every crt/square lcd especially in the pc version."
    • u/icoeye: "Monitors will be added later, not it the next update. And yes there will be a way to choose from different types of them"[20]
  • SYS+TEM Bonus
    • u/EarthNorabodee: "SYS+TEM=SYSTEM" (attached: an image of 2 files (one named "SYS" and one named "TEM") right next to each other)
    • u/icoeye: "It would be great to add a special bonus for players who would combine the files in the such way:) May be I'll try to add it:)" [21]

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