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The Progress Data Refinement Department (Short For PDRD) is a Company That was Founded in 1976, Of a Group of data and cybernetics scientists known as "Data Bar". It's a Subdivision of Progress Industries, and is the creator of Progressbar series of oparating systems, according from the Progressbar website on ProgressNet. The Special events that is related to PDRD, Took Place in 2022 and 2024, and can be played once a Day

2022[edit | edit source]

This Event was From 14 April, 2022 (ver 0.92) to 20 May, 2022 (ver 0.92)

A PDRD Device, named "Terminal 9095" would show in the boot menu. Clicking will start the game.

After a startup animation, the player would be presented with a 9x9 board containing various two-digit numbers. The goal was to find and click the 5 "good numbers".

There are three types of numbers:

  • Good: Collecting them was the main objective of the 2022 event. There are more than 5 good numbers on the board, but only five are required to win. Good numbers would not change after collecting a bad number.
  • Empty: Clicking them will do nothing other than hiding that number. These numbers were the most frequently appearing.
  • Bad: Clicking a bad number will deduct a life from the hearts counter, and the collected good numbers will reset. After losing 5 lives, the event would become locked until the next day.

If the player managed to collect five good numbers, they would receive a 9095 point bonus after completing a regular level, referring to the number shown in the computer name. The bonus was always the same, regardless of the multiplier.

The good numbers changed every day, and they were the same for all players.

2024[edit | edit source]

This event takes place starting from 6 February, 2024 (version 1.0170). It is also known as "Lost Data", judging by the text shown below the device icon in the Boot Menu.

A new PDRD device, named "Terminal 9195", shows up in the boot menu. Clicking on it will start the event.

Unlike the Terminal 9095, Terminal 9195 is an 8-bit computer. However, it does not have ProgressBASIC unlike the regular 8-bit computers. Instead, it gives you a task: to input a sequence of "data" (or should this writing say, numbers) in order to restore it, with a hint of the correct sequence being shown under the display.

The player is given 95 seconds to figure out the correct sequence of numbers. Inputting the wrong sequence will not force the player out of the event, however it will give the player further hints. The terminal will return a sequence of <, > and = symbols. For example, if the first number in the sequence that is inputted by the player is correct, the first symbol will be an "="; if it's wrong, then the symbol will be "<" or ">", hinting at the correct number being lower or higher than the number inputted by the player.

Some players might notice a small hatch on the left side. If the player uses the PB Screwdriver and PB Wirecutter tools that were bought from the Pbay website on the Progressnet, the hatch can be opened, revealing a set of 5 colored wires:

  • Blue wire: The blue wire has an Egyptian hieroglyph that looks like an eye. It is for video, and if the player cuts that wire, the computer's display turns off. It is recommended to do this after inputting the correct sequence of numbers.
  • Cyan wire: The cyan wire has an Egyptian hieroglyph that looks like a heart. Cutting it does nothing.
  • Yellow wire: The yellow wire has the number 9. Cutting it does nothing.
  • Red wire: The red wire has the number 5. If the player cuts that wire after cutting the yellow wire, the countdown doubles.
  • Pink wire: The pink wire has an Egyptian hieroglyph that looks like a pot with legs. If the player cuts that wire, the countdown speeds up.

If the player inputs the correct sequence of numbers, they will receive a 9995 point bonus after completing a regular level.

The correct sequence of numbers changes every day, and it is different.