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{{Infobox}} is a meta-template: used to organise an actual {{Infobox sometopic}} template (like {{Infobox Version}}).

For [[Template:Infobox sometopic]], template code then looks like this, simplified:

| title    = {{{title|{{PAGENAME}}}}}
| image    = {{{image|}}}
| caption1 = {{{caption|}}}

| label1   = Former names
|  data1   = {{{former_names|}}}

| header2  = General information

| label3   = Status
|  data3   = {{{status|}}}
... <!-- etc. -->

Optional control parameters[edit source]

If this is set to "yes", the current page will not be autocategorized in a maintenance category when the generated infobox has some problems or no visible data section. Leave empty by default or set to "yes" to activate it.

Content parameters[edit source]

Title[edit source]

Text to put within the uppermost cell of the table.

Illustration images[edit source]

images to display at the top of the template. Use full image syntax, for example [[File:example.png|200px|alt=Example alt text]].
Text to put underneath the images.

Main data[edit source]

Text to use as a header in row n.
Text to use as a label in row n.
Text to display as data in row n.

Note: for any given value for (n), not all combinations of parameters are permitted. The presence of a |header(n)= will cause the corresponding |data(n)= (and |rowclass(n)= |label(n)=, see below) to be ignored; the absence of a |data(n)= will cause the corresponding |label(n)= to be ignored. Valid combinations for any single row are:

  • |class(n)= |header(n)=
  • |rowclass(n)= |class(n)= |data(n)=
  • |rowclass(n)= |label(n)= |class(n)= |data(n)=

Number ranges[edit source]

To allow flexibility when the layout of an infobox is changed, it may be helpful when developing an infobox to use non-contiguous numbers for header and label/data rows. Parameters for new rows can then be inserted in future without having to renumber existing parameters. For example:

 | header3  = Section 1
 |  label5  = Label A
 |   data5  = Data A
 |  label7  = Label C
 |   data7  = Data C
 | header10 = Section 2
 |  label12 = Label D
 |   data12 = Data D

There is no upper limit on numbers but there must be at most 50 between each used number.

Making data fields optional[edit source]

A row with a label but no data is not displayed. This allows for the easy creation of optional infobox content rows. To make a row optional use a parameter that defaults to an empty string, like so:

 | label5 = Population
 |  data5 = {{{population|}}}

This way if an article doesn't define the population parameter in its infobox the row won't be displayed.

For more complex fields with pre-formatted contents that would still be present even if the parameter wasn't set, you can wrap it all in an "#if" statement to make the whole thing vanish when the parameter is not used. For instance, the "#if" statement in the following example reads "#if:the parameter mass has been supplied |then display it, followed by 'kg'":

 | label6 = Mass
 |  data6 = {{ #if: {{{mass|}}} | {{{mass}}} kg }}

For more on #if, see here.

Footer[edit source]

Text to put in the bottom cell. The bottom cell is intended for footnotes, navigation links, see-also, and other such information.

HTML classes[edit source]

This parameter is inserted into the class attribute for the infobox as a whole.
This parameter is inserted into the class attribute for the infobox's title cell.
These parameters are inserted into the class attribute for the complete table row their respective image is on.
This parameter is inserted into the class attribute for the image.
This parameter is inserted into the class attribute for the specified row including the label and data cells.
This parameter is inserted into the class attribute for the data cell of the specified row. If there's no data cell it has no effect.
This parameter is inserted into the class attribute for the infobox's footer cell.

TemplateData[edit source]

This is the TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, VisualEditor and other tools. Click here to see a monthly parameter usage report for this template based on this TemplateData.

TemplateData for Infobox

This template is intended as a meta template, a template used for constructing other templates. In general, it is not meant for use directly in an article but can be used on a one-off basis if required.

Template parameters

This template has custom formatting.


Title displayed in the uppermost cell of the infobox


Image illustrating the topic. Use full image syntax.

[[File:example.png|200px|alt=Example alt text]]

caption for the image


Tracking categories[edit source]

See also[edit source]