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Heyo! The name's Tidepod and i'm a somewhat inactive moderator and editor of the Progressbar95 Wiki! Well, the soon-to-be old one specifically.

Basically they're moving the entire wiki from Fandom to Miraheze because of some... infamous problems with the former and they're also rewriting EVERY article from scratch. Seriously!

I think that's all i have to say for now, i do not plan on keeping this as my userpage for long...

P.S.: This is actually an old account of mine that i abandoned a while ago because of some website changing hosts following a cancelled shutdown of Miraheze. I frequented said website while it was still hosted on Miraheze and i still do to this day.

I can't link my Fandom account here because it breaks the rules and it has a very old pseudo that embarrasses me every time i look at it ;_;