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Hey there! :3[edit | edit source]

Please note that this userpage isn't done. Content additions & removals and tweaks will come as time progresses.
This user believes in lossless .webp supremacy!

This user lives in Canada.

14This user is currently 14 years old.

I'm an experienced wiki editor that has been contributing for almost 4 years now. I made my first edit on the Fandom wiki on May 16, 2020 when I was 9 (my 10th birthday was 5 days away)

Fun facts about me[edit | edit source]

  • My main Miraheze account is User:ArcticNiko which I use to edit other wikis (notably the Windows Wallpaper Wiki), however, I use a separate account here because my account on the Fandom wiki was named "Robloxian493".
    • My first Miraheze account (which I still have access to today) was created in 2020, however I don't wish to reveal it since it was used to host a now-defunct wiki which would be cringeworthy to show here.
  • I used to be very active in the Progressbar95 subreddit in late 2021 to early 2022 by creating heaps of high quality fan art, granting me a "[Grand user]" flair. However, in mid 2022 I would start to become inactive after I joined the unofficial Progressbar95 server.
    • The "[Grand user]" flair is a publicly-shown user badge that's rewarded to you by icoeye if you are known to consistently create high-quality contributions to the subreddit and community.