Progressbar 95 plus

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Progressbar 95 plus
Home Screen of Progressbar 95 plus
Bonus Points200
Level Limit20
Version Released0.2400 Released on 15 July, 2019
System Version4.1+
Preceded byProgressbar 95
Succeeded byProgressbar 98 (by release time) Progressbar NOT 4.0 (in the lineup)
System Requirements
CPU486DK-20 (1 upgrade)
RAM4 MB (2 upgrades)
Hard Drive60 MB (1 upgrade)
Levels for Professional20

Progressbar 95 plus is the "upgraded" version of Progressbar 95. It is the 8th system overall in the Progressbar line of systems, and is the first system unlockable by upgrades. The system is based on Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 , an operating system enhancement product released by Microsoft in 1995 at the same time as Windows 95.