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Pyrus -
Home Screen of Pyrus -
Bonus Points128
Level Limit50
Version Released1.0160
Released on 25 January 2024
System Release1977
Succeeded byTPB-80
System Requirements
CPU1.00 MHz
Levels for Professional16

Pyrus - (sometimes called Pyrus- and sometimes stylized in all-caps) is the first 8-bit computer in the lineup, created by Pyrus Pyrifolia Calculators. The computer is based on the Apple I, released on 11 April 1976. The operating system it runs is based on Integer BASIC, a variant of BASIC for the Apple I and Apple II computers released in 1976.

To unlock this computer, the player has to either get 24 microchips or by purchasing it from the Pbay website with Progress Data.

According to the startup, the computer and system it runs were both created by Pyrus Pyrifolia Calculators in 1977.

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  • Pyrus - was first mentioned in 1.00 in the 8-bit fan website on the Progressnet, stating it is included in the list of "favorite models".
  • According to the Pyrus- Kit website on the Progressnet, this computer was designed by hardware engineer Stephen Barniak (based on Steve Wozniak, the developer of the Apple I).
  • On BarOS systems, the Pyrus - computer costs less Progress Data in the Pbay website.
  • This is the only 8-bit computer in the lineup that outputs grayscale color.
  • The keyboard keys are identical to the keys in Pomodoro 84.
  • Before version 1.0160, the CPU used to be the same one as TPB-80.
  • This is the first system in the entire game which can be bought with Progress Data.
    • This is also the first system that requires unique items to be unlocked.
  • In a Pyrus - teaser, the manual says that the computer was released in 1975[1]. It was later changed to 1977 in version 1.0160 due to Pyrus Pyrifolia Calculators being founded in 1977.
  • The image shown in the Pyrus - manual is a reference to the Apple logo from 1976 to 1977.
  • Before version 1.0170, the year in the startup screen used to display as 1978.
  • It is possible to unlock this computer before unlocking Progressbar Wista. However, in the PC version, it is possible to unlock this computer before unlocking Progressbar 98.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Update Version Build Type Date Description
1.02 1.0160 310 Alpha 25 January 2024 Pyrus - is added.
1.0170 311 Beta 6 February 2024 The year in the startup screen has been changed to 1977.
1.0180 312 Release Candidate 9 February 2024 Assets for the manual and the segments have been changed.

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