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Developer*Pyrus Pyrifolia Calculators
  • TPB
  • Pabari
  • Spectre
  • Pomodoro
Initial ReleasePyrus -
Latest Release*Pyrus = (by release date)
  • Pyrus - (by time added in-game)
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    The 8-BIT lineup are a series of computers similar in functionality to 8-bit microcomputers. The computers part of that lineup are based on various computers from the 1970's and 1980's.

    The 8-BIT computers were introduced in version 1.00, or in cases of development, version 0.9966. They are completely unique in difference with other systems like BarOS or Progressbar, since they feature only one game mode and they have the ability to make programs. To unlock new computers, the player must get certain points, except for certain computers involving Progress Data or "microchips" in their unlocking process.

    Features[edit | edit source]

    ProgressBASIC[edit | edit source]

    Main article: ProgressBASIC

    ProgressBASIC is a programming language created by Progressdata Refinement Department. It is based on BASIC (Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instructional Code), a programming language created in 1964. Like BASIC, ProgressBASIC is used to write simple programs, which will, however, net a command bonus if the program is run successfully.

    Desk[edit | edit source]

    The desk is the place where the monitor and keyboard are situated.

    Keyboard[edit | edit source]

    The keyboard is a 8-BIT computer peripheral that can be used to type in programs. Below each key, if necessary, is a shortcut that can be accessed by turning on function mode and pressing the key to get the mentioned shortcuts.

    Joystick[edit | edit source]

    The joystick appears when playing the Progressoid game mode. Pyrus = has an unique joystick which is based on the Apple II joystick, while the other 8-bit computers have a joystick which is reminiscent of the Competition Pro 5000 joystick.

    Computers[edit | edit source]

    List of all 8-BIT releases
    Name Logo Release year Actual equivalent Levels required for Pro System requirements
    Pyrus -
    File:Pyrus - Logo.png

    Apple I

    16 24 microchips or Progress Data
    1977 Tandy TRS-80 16 Progressbar XB
    Pabari 950
    File:Pabari 950 Logo.png
    1977 Atari 800 16 1024 points
    BX Spectre
    File:BX Spectre Logo.png
    1982 ZX Spectrum 16 2048 points
    Pomodoro 84
    April 1983 Commodore 64 16 4096 points
    Pyrus =
    File:Pyrus =.png
    1984 Apple II 16 8192 points

    All computers by release year[edit | edit source]

    1. Pyrus - (1977)
    1. TPB-80 (1977)
    1. Pabari 950 (1977)
    1. BX Spectre (1982)
    1. Pomodoro 84 (1983)
    1. Pyrus = (1984)

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • The 8-BIT systems were hinted in the 0.99 magazine post on Reddit, as well as in the game files since 0.9950.[1]
    • Despite being based on 8-bit computers, the 8-BIT systems are counted as Progressbar systems in the game's files.
    • In the Romanian language version of the game, the Vector 08 is credited to "PDRD Calculating Machine Chișinău", instead of "ProgressData Refinement Department".
      • In the Ukrainian language version, PK-8BIT Lviv Electronic Calculator is credited to "PDRD Radio Equipment Association" instead.
    • Pomodoro means "Tomato" in Italian. The logo of Pomodoro also resembles a tomato.
    • Once the display says "PRESS ANY KEY", a random key will get replaced by the "ANY" key. Pressing a key other than it will grant you the "Not any key is the any" bonus.
    • In versions 0.9970 and 0.9971, ProgressBASIC mentions the Pabari 950 as "Pabari 850".
    • Despite the Pyrus ='s release date being chronologically earlier than the Pomodoro 84, it is considered a more advanced computer than Pomodoro 84.
    • Before 1.0170, the year in the ProgressBASIC screen used to be 1978 in Pyrus -.

    References[edit | edit source]

    1. "The next version will be 0.999;) No, it will be 1.00. Yes 8-bit computers will be introduced this year."

    Changelog[edit | edit source]

    Update Version Type Description
    0.99 0.9950 Hotfix 8-BIT system references were added into the strings.xml file.
    1.00 0.9966 Beta Pabari 950 was added (called Pabari (TEST) at the time).
    0.9967 Beta 2 Pabari (TEST) was renamed to Pabari 950, and has got new assets.
    0.9970 Release Candidate PBASIC was renamed to ProgressBASIC, all 8-BIT systems were added and more assets were added into Pabari 950.
    0.9976 Release Candidate 3 Even more assets were added into the 8-BIT systems, and four new websites related to the 8-BIT systems were added into the Progressnet.
    1.0000 Release The assets were entirely finalised and a cursor was added for the PC version.
    1.02 1.0160 Alpha Pyrus - was added. It only outputs grayscale color.
    1.0170 Beta The year in the ProgressBASIC screen has been changed to 1977 in Pyrus -.
    1.0180 Release Candidate Assets for the Pyrus - manual have been changed.
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