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Date of Last Revision: June 26, 2022

Welcome to the community! The following are the rules you must follow when editing the wiki. Please read them thoroughly.

A. Rules of basic conduct

  • A1 - Vandalism is strictly prohibited. Please do not insert false or unrelated information, or create pages consist of false or unrelated information.
  • A2 - Please refrain from making non-constructive edits as well. If you doubt would your edit be a violation, ask an admin or test at sandbox before doing so.
  • A3 - Do not insert any speculation into this Wiki. Only add information that has been officially confirmed by the developer. Details about a future update may be placed in a new article as long as it has the unconfirmed notice at the top and all information is cited.
  • A4 - All modded, fan-art or non-existence articles and materials goes to Progressmod95 wiki.
  • A5 - Do not leave unnecessary messages or words on articles or message and discussion walls.
  • A6 - Raiding this wiki is strictly prohibited. Violators will be reported to FANDOM directly.
  • A7 - Hacking or threatening to hack someone's account or this wiki is as well considered a severe violation which can be reported to FANDOM.
  • A8 - Please do not submit a false report to admins.
  • A9 - NSFW content, such as pornography and violence materials, are strictly prohibited in this wiki. Dating and predating is also prohibited.
  • A10 - Posting malicious software on this wiki can be considered hacking.
  • A11 - Please try to stick to Progressbar95 or computer topics in discussion walls. Unrelated posts and links will be deleted. Move your private conversations to the discord server or direct messages.
  • A12 - Self-promotion actions such as advertising your discord server or your social media is not allowed.
  • A13 - This site is not Facebook or Twitter. Exposure of personal information can result in a block.
  • A14 - Minors below the age of 13 violate the FANDOM Terms of Service and those minors will be blocked.
  • A15 - Terms of Service of FANDOM must be followed.
  • A16 - Spread of misinformation or fake news is not allowed.
  • A17 - Do not disrupt public order of the wiki, including demonstrations for nonsensical reasons. However, the right of demonstrating against dictatorship is preserved.
  • A18 - No politics in both fictional and reality universes.
  • A19 - Impersonation of another user is not allowed. Those impersonators will be asked to change their username or else will be blocked.
  • A20 - Admins must not abuse their power and perform actions that are not beneficial for wiki editors and the wiki.
  • A21 - Please do not ask for any moderation or administration positions.
  • A22 - In order to prevent confusion and disruption on the wiki, as well as to prevent possibility of using alts to violate the rules, creation of alternate accounts without proper reasoning and permission from the administration is prohibited.
  • A23 - Do not talk or spread pirated content or versions of Progressbar95. Sending links or teaching others source of pirated versions of Progressbar95 is especially prohibited. These actions may not only violate the Terms of Service, it also brings direct harm to our developer. Cheating/hacking discussion is not allowed, including asking for save data.

B. Rules when treating others

  • B1 - Do not bully or insult others. Pay basic respect to your fellow editors, even if they are a vandal.
  • B2 - Racism and extremism is banned.
  • B3 - Bad word usage is not allowed unless it's used as a joke.
  • B4 - Do not scam others. Scam sites will be deleted, and scammers will be blocked.
  • B5 - Do not use this wiki as an advertising medium.
  • B6 - Use common sense when treating others.
  • B7 - Do not threaten or defame others. Also, please don't lie to other editors for bad purposes.
  • B8 - No claiming ownership of pages that are owned by the public. The public owns every page and every content on this wiki, nothing can be privatized except your own userpage and blogs.
  • B9 - No talk of suicide. We are not experts on psychology, ask your local anti-suicide organizations for help if you really want to do so.

C. Rules of editing and style

  • C1 - Tabbing is allowed to reduce size of article and increase informativeness of an article, but please keep them mobile friendly.
  • C2 - If you would like to majorly change a template, contact an administrator for approval before doing so.
  • C3 - Name new images with appropriate names.
    • Be as descriptive as possible; avoid non-descriptive names like Uhx2fenllgv51.jpg, Screenshot 20201020-145226 Progressbar95.jpg, or Meme4.jpg.
  • C4 - If possible, use .png images rather than .jpg images.
  • C5 - Copying pages from other sites such as Wikipedia without credit and quoting is not allowed.

D. Rules on punishments

Below is a general guide on warnings. They need not be issued in order.

1 - Reminder 2 - 1st warning 3 - 2nd warning 4 - Final warning 5 - Block
  • D1 - Warnings must be issued according to our wiki rules and FANDOM's policy regarding the usage of blocking and the guidelines related to the rules.
  • D2 - Warnings must not be randomly issued. After issuing a warning, the admin must report to a bureaucrat of the punishment.
  • D3 - Users are allowed to appeal a warning at the admin's message wall in Community Central. However, it is not guaranteed all appeals will be always successful.
  • D4 - If a user deletes a warning message (unless Rule D6 is fulfilled) written on their message wall, the punishment can be raised for one class each time.
  • D5 - Punishments which does not follow the above guidelines will be reverted, or replaced with an appropriate one.
  • D6 - Warnings automatically downgrade for one class every 14 days, i.e. from Warning 3 to 2, Warning 2 to 1 or Warning 1 to nothing. Warnings can be deleted voluntarily ONLY when all warnings loses their effect.
  • D7 - If there is clear evidence that a user is underage, they will be blocked until they are 13 and reported to FANDOM staff.


  • We are not the developers of the game.
  • The above rules are subject to change at anytime for any reason.


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