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Bonus Points1000
Level Limit60
Version Released0.3400 Released on August 30th, 2019
System Version5.5
Preceded byProgressbar Whisper
Succeeded byProgressbar Largehorn
System Requirements
CPUMD-PR333 (3 upgrades)
RAM1.75 GB DDR (3 upgrades)
Hard Drive6.4 GB (4 upgrades)
Levels for Professional30


For the beta version, see Progressbar Whisper or Progressbar Nepbar.

"Progressbar XPi" or "Progressbar XP" redirect here. The latter is not to be confused with Windows XP.

Progressbar XB (announced in 0.28 as Progressbar XP, then in 0.31 as Progressbar XPi) is the fifteenth version of Progressbar in the Progress Computer lineup. It is based on the famous Windows XP, released on October 25th, 2001.

Features[edit source]

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Game modes[edit source]

Utilities[edit source]

Sounds[edit source]

Startup File:Progressbar XB Startup.ogg
Shutdown File:Progressbar XB Shutdown.ogg

Screens[edit source]

Mobile[edit source]

PC[edit source]

Themes[edit source]

Wallpapers[edit source]

Mobile[edit source]

PC[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

  • This is the first and currently the only Progressbar version to be between two Progressbar betas.
  • Before version 0.34, this system was announced as Progressbar XPi.[1]
    • It was probably planned to name this system "Progressbar XP", as seen in 0.28.[2]
  • In 0.542, the font in Progressbar XB to 7 was changed from ProgressPixel to Selawik.
  • It is possible to get this operating system after Progressbar 1 in all versions.

Changelog[edit source]

Current versions
Update Version Type Description
0.2x 0.28 Release Progressbar XB was announced in the upgrade screen under the name of "Progressbar XP".
0.3x 0.31 Release Progressbar XP was renamed to "Progressbar XPi".
0.34 Release Added Progressbar XPi, which was renamed to "Progressbar XB".
0.38 Release New segments design. At the time, it was the same as in Progressbar Meme and 2000.
0.54 0.526 Beta Added desaturation effect while opening shutdown menu.
0.56 0.541 Alpha Added a welcome screen.
0.542 Beta Changed the font.
0.60 0.5806 Alpha Completely overhauled Begin Menu.
0.64 0.6201 Alpha Added "Argentum", "Pistacia", "Classic" and "Caramel" themes.

The shutdown panel has been changed to look more like Windows XP.

0.6204 Release Candidate "Default" theme has been renamed to "Selena"
0.66 0.6460 Beta New shutdown screen.
0.86 0.8610 Hotfix Changed the level progressbar at the end of the level.
0.95 0.9430 Beta Added Progress Browser.

References[edit source]

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